The Rise of Edtech in Indonesia

Thanks to the shift of consumer behavior, many sectors have faced some changes. First financial, which enjoys blooming players in fintech, now edtech has been showing signs to fill the market with many new players. According to Edtechlist, a community curated directory of edtech startups, there are at least 17 edtech startups in Indonesia.

Edtech or educational technology is gaining attention more than ever since it is easier now to access internet. Moreover, many students were born in digital era which make it easier for them to adapt and learn through their computer. Many people still mistakenly thought that edtech is just an online course. According to CEO of Eduqo, Herry Fahrur Rizal, edtech business has a vast range of varieties. “If you are passionate about education business, there are many options for you to choose,” he said in interview with e27.

The Prospect in Indonesia

Roughly, there are 55 million students, 3 millions teachers and more than 236,000 schools in 500 districts in Indonesia. With many problems still left unresolved in education sector, this is a huge market for edtech startups. From constantly changing curriculum, teacher availability, and even limited seats in some of higher educations edtech startups offer alternatives to solve the problems.

Some of the players have even developed their features and got fund support from big company. Kelase is a platform for collaboration and online learning for education institutes and community. Kelase got funds from Microsoft in the form of Affordable Access Initiative. Squline, a platform to learn foreign languages online in private with multimedia contents, announced Pre-Series A fund. This fund will be used for feature developments and marketing. While older edtech startup like RuangGuru also introduced new feature for parents.

Slow but sure, edtech continues to bring positive news. Since most of the players have concern for education, they work hard to make it better from time to time. “I realised that I have a passion for education. Besides, education industry has a good purpose, while also a profitable business,” says Rustandi, CEO and Founder of Harukaedu.

Preparing Better Ecosystem

Building edtech startups is one part of the proccess for better education in Indonesia. What is important for the next step is to make sure the ecosystem can support the growth of the startups. EdTech Indonesia is a community dedicated to develop education and technology for more educated Indonesia. EdTech Indonesia aims to create synergy through workshop, consultation, and marketing research.

Herry Fathur Rizal, from EdTech Indonesia, expressed his opinion about the ecosystem in Indonesia. Herry hopes Indonesia government will set regulation to protect edtech product from foreign invasion. “I am not an anti for foreign competitors. I just think it is better for the government to have regulation. The regulations should be set for foreign players in order to avoid domination,” he added.

With the synergy and collaborations, creating better ecosystem for edtech startups in Indonesia is not an impossible task. If every component in the ecosystem can work better, this will open more chances for edtech Indonesia.

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