, A Startup For Better Indonesian Music Industry

Indonesia has a lot of talent in music, but do not have the opportunity and the facilities to showing their skills and talents in music in front of many audiences. Indonesian musicians need opportunities to perform on stage. Especially for Indie musicians who are not helped by the music label to get the opportunity to perform on live music so that the Indie musicians can be known by music lovers in Indonesia.

But on the other hand, actually the opportunity for musicians to perform has been available with live music event in café, music event, wedding party, birthday party, and others event. But the café manager or event organizer manager is often difficult to get music performers. They just rely on word of mouth, ask their friends, or they seek their own musicians to perform live music at their events. After getting the musicians to perform, usually only obtained a musician with one particular genre. Whereas sometimes they need the musicians with a particular and unique genre.

Two sides of this issue became the factor the establishment of is a technology company that provides online services booking band/musician for the needs of live music in Indonesia. present to help local musicians to be accessed more easily by the customer in need of services such as live music café, music event, wedding party, birthday party, etc. All the musicians with different musical genres can be found in Moreover, had a vision that every musician/band Indonesia can work more broadly and can improve people’s lives.

Musicians can get the opportunity to perform live on stage, so that they can be more known to the public, and event organizers can get and booking the required musicians to perform on their event.

For Better Indonesian Music Industry

Currently is accessible in all cities in Indonesia. With the then expected Indonesian musicians for growing and getting the opportunity to perform live on stage and get a perform job. Music industry can develop more creative and competitive with that will be born great Indonesian musicians. So Indonesian music industry will have a lot of new work

Desty Rama Rumondang as CEO describe the expectation of “We hope to reach out to all the musicians throughout Indonesia and musicians can connect it to wider market”

Live Music Event Supported by in Mega Bekasi XXI


Big Vision

Since the soft launch last 8 December 2016, has been supporting the live music event from a variety of clients such as hotels, cafes, and malls around Jakarta and Bekasi. “We still sounding viral on social media, ads, and community groups. But the enthusiasm was considerable” said Desty. can be accessed on the web page

In the future, plans to expand into the apps form. “If later have become daily needs, we will upgrade to the apps.”

“Our vision is connecting musician to the world.” added Desty.

With solutions provided by, we can look forward to the rapid advancement of Indonesian music industry.

Robin Dwi Nugroho

Startup and sport enthusiast


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  • It is going to be the best solution for musicians to get a job on many events!!

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