Kata Bot Platform: A New Service by Kata.ai

Kata.ai at The Launch Event Interact 2017


Kata.ai, an Indonesian Artificial Intelligence (AI) service provider focusing on creating and integrating chatbot into available conversation service clients introduced its newest service, the Kata Bot Platform at event Interact 2017 last Tuesday (12/12). The platform aims to help developers in startups, SMEs and entreprise in developing chatbots more easily and efficiently. The new Service Bot Platform The presence of this platform, is expected to help businesses more quickly in launching their own chatbot as well as allowing users to design chatbots without the need to learn about infrastructure from zero

With this platform, developers can focus more on building an engaging chat experience for their chatbot users. Chatbot is an AI program designed to interact like a human being through conversations to make it easier to find information or run a function. The platform is claimed as a new initiative to encourage discussion about AI technology in Indonesia.

Kata Bot Platform combine technology to create an interactive chatbot in an integrated platform where one of the technologies used is Natural Language Processing (NLP). Through this NLP feature, Kata.ai pledge ease in designing, training, and managing chatbots to programmers in integrating chatbot into business activities.

“We make a rail that can be used to build chatbot own by the developers, can be creative at will. This platform meets industry standards, is safe, and can handle scale developments as high as anything,” CEO of Kata.ai Irzan Raditya explained.

Kata.ai developed Kata Bot Platform in accordance with its vision to empower a new generation of entrepreneurs in the post-application era. Along with the development of technology industry to welcome the future, Kata.ai believes that the interactive platform between human and technology in the future will be in the form of chatbot. This trend has begun to appear on various social media platforms and e-commerce sites.

So far the Kata Bot service has been tested on 20 startup companies.

“When we first began developing this, we could see that among the various existing bot frameworks, there was no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. We wanted to simplify that for developers so that they could spend more of their time and skills on creating the best user experience possible,” said Kata.ai CTO Ahmad Rizqi Meydiarso.

Remain to Focus on Developing Text-based Chatbots

Kata.ai has partnered with many startup and large entreprise. Their clients are Telkomsel (Veronika), Unilever (Jemma), Qiscus (Chat SDK), Microsoft Indonesia (Rinna), Infomedia, Skyshi, Prism, Codigo, and others. Judging from the total users of all platforms, users using Kata.ai reach 26 million users with 200 million message turns.

Kata.ai is supported by several investors in Indonesia, Korea, and Taiwan. The start-up managed to raise US $ 3.5 million (Rp 47.4 billion) in series A funding in August 2017 led by Taiwan’s Trans Pacific Technology Fund (TPTF). Global consulting giant company, Accenture, sees in the next five years AI will be the main tool used to build brand awareness. Digital assistants will also be used more by the community to support productive and potential for consumer goods business and technology investors.

Next year Kata.ai will remain focus on developing text-based chatbots, while preparing for other new-tech chatbots. One technology that is likely to be developed is voice-based chatbot.

According to CMO Kata.ai Reynir Fauzan, next year Kata.ai will announce new initiatives with various companies to continue to bring the technology to be implemented in various business sectors. The closest is announcing a partnership with BRI.

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