Indonesian Startup Founders in 30 Under 30 Forbes Asia Lists (Part I)

Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 lists/ Forbes

Forbes Asia has released another 30 Under 30 lists for Class of 2017. This is the second time for Forbes Asia to release the lists. There are 10 categories and 300 people in total, mostly entrepreneurs, that made it to the lists. More than 65% of the 300 honorees founded their own company. Furthermore, the magazine also highlighted the diversity and empowerment in this year’s honorees’ list.

Infamous Knitted Noodle by Cynthia / BBC

Out of 300 honorees, there are around 29 honorees from Southeast Asia and Australia. From Indonesia alone, there are 10 honorees from 8 categories. Cynthia Suwito, an artist, made it to the list for her famous knitted noodle in the Arts category. In addition, 9 out of 10 honorees from Indonesia are startup founders.

Here below is the startup founders that were featured in the list:

  1. Teguh Ari Wibowo, Pinjam Indonesia

Teguh, Founder of Pinjam Indonesia/ SWA

Pinjam Indonesia is a digital pawning and loan service to helps users who need fast funding. Initiated at the end of 2014, Pinjam Indonesia officially started in December 2015. The company recently named as Top Fintech Asia 100 Leaders by Nextmoney and Top 63 Fintech Influencer in Asia. Teguh Ari Wibowo, Founder of Pinjam Indonesia, is a honoree in Finance and Venture Capital category. Teguh was also a Director in Voila Indonesia, one of Indonesia’s Activation Company, for more than six years. He won The Most Promising Entrepreneur of the Year in Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award by Enterprise Asia in 2013. Last year, he initiated the 2nd Fintech Forum to discuss digital payment developments in Indonesia.

  1. Gibran Huzaifah, eFishery

Featured honoree in the category/ Forbes Asia

Gibran Huzaifah, Founder and CEO of eFishery, was featured in Industry, Manufacturing, and Energy category. He even managed to become featured honoree in the category. eFishery is the integrated feeding solution for fish and shrimp farming. The company also claimed that they can reduce up to 21% of feeding cost. “I believe that to eradicating poverty and hunger can be done by disrupting the agriculture sector through technology,” he said in the featured profile. eFishery has won many awards including Get in The Ring, a startup Global Competition in 2014. The company also won another startup competition, Seedstars World Jakarta, at the same year. In addition, eFishery is also one of the startups that joined the first class of Google Launchpad Accelerator in 2015.

  1. William Utomo and Winston Utomo, IDN Media

Utomo brothers featured in Forbes Asia/ IDN Times

Forbes featured both William Utomo and Winston Utomo, Co-founders of IDN Media, as one of the honorees in Media, Marketing, and Advertising category. IDN Media is a multi-platform news and entertainment digital media company for affluent Millennials and Gen Z in Indonesia. Winston Utomo used to work at Google in Singapore office. He finally decided to quit his work and built IDN Media, together with his brother, in 2014.  Last year, they joined the second class of Google Launchpad Accelerator. The company boasted 13 million monthly visitors and around 60 million in monthly page views.

  1. Christina Suriadjaja, Travelio

Christina together with Ministry of Tourism/ Christina’s Twitter

Forbes Asia listed Christina Suriadjaja, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Travelio, in Retail and Ecommerce category. Travelio is the leading online short-term home rental marketplace based out of Indonesia. The company also managed various properties including apartments, villas, hotels, and houses. Up until now, Travelio has dealt with more than 2,000 rentals across 25 cities in the country since founded in 2015.

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