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Helpster announced has received A Series funding of US $ 2.5 million (around Rp33.9 billion). This investment was led by Mojo Partners and Wavemaker Partners. This investment announced on Tuesday (12/12) and informed that company’s total funding to US$5 million.

Helpster is a Thai startup that connects companies that need workers with job seekers in sales promotion, food and beverage (F & B), hospitality, and events for both permanent and contract employees. Their service is similar to CornerJob in Europe. This is a new trend called on-demand worker due to the trend of gig economy.

Helpster helps companies get quality workers in minutes. This makes the company’s platform stronger especially for short-term urgent work. Helpster sees that the trend in on-demand technology is not only beneficial to the company, but also for people who need another avenue to find work.

Helpster was co-founded by Matthew Ward and John Srivorakul. They has worked together for 10 years in Southeast Asia’s (SEA) startup scene and was founded Ardent Capital, Admax Network, Ensogo, and aCommerce.

“There are 100 million workers in Southeast Asia who work in semi-skilled jobs in service industries. 40 percent of them are under contract or take casual work assignments,” said Ward.

“Most of them have traditionally found work via offline channels, such as word-of-mouth, or via traditional staffing agencies, yet the majority now prefer to use their smartphones. This has opened up the way for technology to improve the way businesses and these workers find and engage with each other.”

Accelerating Technology and Sales in Thailand and Indonesia

Fund will be used in accelerating technology and sales, in particular to help improve learning services and machine data that collect information on the reliability of workers and most appropriate between workers and clients.

Helpster launched in January 2016 in Thailand and operated in Indonesia since the end of last year. Currently has 60 staff across Indonesia and Thailand, the two key markets it currently serves. When newly operated in Indonesia, Adrian Li, Managing Partner of Convergence Ventures, Helpster has the potential to grow big, seeing the growth of F & B and hotel business in Indonesia. Li claims the F & B industry and hotels in Indonesia will also benefit from the Helpster service.

Currently the company will be focusing on developing in Thailand and Indonesia market and it may launch in new cities with Bali-Phuket Hotels and Phuket could be on the list for next year. The long-term plan is that Helpster can expand throughout Southeast Asia.

“We want to make sure we really gain strong marketshare in the two countries we’re in first,” Ward explained.

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