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Yuma Soerianto: The Youngest Developer in WWDC 2017 that Impresses Apple CEO

Yuma impresses Apple CEO, Tim Cook as he showed his demo/ Fairfax Media

It is a rare opportunity to join Word Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) Apple 2017 in San Jose, California and it is even more unusual if you are just 10 years old. But Yuma Soerianto beats the odds and even managed to impress Tim Cook, Apple CEO, with his apps.

“We have attendees this morning from 75 countries across the world. It’s truly a worldwide conference. And we have the most student developers with us this morning ever. In fact, one of our youngest is here this morning. His name is Yuma Soerianto; he’s from Australia and he’s just ten years old.

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Techtalk #92: Easier Way to Make Chat App

According to Business Insider Intelligence (BII), chat apps have surpassed social media apps in terms of active users. It is no wonder since other than a platform to talk with friends, chat app is also a useful tool for brands, consulting, or generating contents. In Indonesia, 97% mobile users use more than an app for chatting. This is a huge opportunity to those who can utilize the chat app.

 Qiscus, a real-time communications provider for companies, held Techtalk #92 in Meeting Room Jogja Digital Valley (JDV) on Wednesday (22/3). Techtalk is a program, where people in tech can share their knowledge to the public. The program was initiated by Qiscus and JDV.

Read More, A Startup For Better Indonesian Music Industry

Indonesia has a lot of talent in music, but do not have the opportunity and the facilities to showing their skills and talents in music in front of many audiences. Indonesian musicians need opportunities to perform on stage. Especially for Indie musicians who are not helped by the music label to get the opportunity to perform on live music so that the Indie musicians can be known by music lovers in Indonesia.

But on the other hand, actually the opportunity for musicians to perform has been available with live music event in café, music event, wedding party, birthday party, and others event. But the café manager or event organizer manager is

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