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NDRA Papua Application: First On-Demand Service in Papua

NDRA, First On-Demand Service Operating in Papua.

A good news from Papua Island. The Papua Island with the big potential of online ojek (Indonesian motorbike taxi) is well utilized. It has been the first on-demand service by aplication operating in Papua. NDRA (New Delivery Ride Auto) is a new and original on-demand service based in Jayapura City, Papua.

NDRA is an application created by and for Papuan people, which uses application technology as a way of transactions in order to provide ease of access for consumers in ordering ojek, taxi, goods/ documents delivery, food ordering, shopping, and vehicle rental.

Ignatius Hendra as NDRA founder says NDRA is the only on-demand service

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Bangkok-based Giztix Raise Series A Funding


A startup logistic from Thailand Giztix announces Series A funding from AddVentures. AddVentures is a subsidiary of Siam Cement Group (SCG). Giztix will make an official announcement on November 21st to reveal further details including its growth strategy following the fundraise. Morover, partnerships & roadmaps will be announced to how Giztix will digitize Thailand’s Logistics 4.0.

“The investment focuses on developing and digitising logistics industry in Thailand and Southeast Asia countries, and it aims to help Giztix  growing ten times in the next 24 months,” the company wrote in the post.

Giztix is an online marketplace for worldwide logistics services, bridging the gap between shippers (people who need to get things moved) and transporters

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Ride-hailing Services Competition Heats Up in Southeast Asia with New Investments

Thailand, one of the countries in Southeast Asia/Pexels

Grab, Singapore-based ride hailing platform, announced their new funding last month. DiDi Chuxing and SoftBank Group Corp led the round which gathered around $2 billion. Go-Jek, ride-hailing platform from Indonesia, also received funding led by Tencent, a Chinese based internet giant. The funding round has raised around $1.2 billion in May 2017.

In Indonesia alone, Grab goes against Go-Jek and Uber as the competitors. With Go-Jek new investment, the competition heats up as the company also hinted the plan to expand their service accross Southeast Asia market last year. Uber, despite retreating from China’s market, continues to

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New Round: Telkom Partnership with Netflix Soon

Netflix / Image credit: Siempre

Indonesian state-owned telco company Telkom reportedly will unblock Netflix streaming video service on its network in the near future. The decision came after the agreement between the two companies.

Telkom Director of Consumer Services, Dian Rachmawan said that Telkom and Netflix have reached agreement that is expected to open mutually beneficial cooperation.

“One of the most important is that Netflix will meet applicable requirements in Indonesia, including related to censorship and other provisions in order to bring the Netflix service through a network of Telkom,” explains Rachmawan to IndoTelko, Tuesday (11/4) night.

At the beginning of 2016 when Netflix entered the Indonesian market, Telkom blocked to access Netflix service of its

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Go-BlueBird: Go-Jek and Blue Bird Launches Their New Feature

Go-Jek and Blue Bird together with Minister of Transportation/ Go-Jek

Go-Jek has unveiled new Go-BlueBird feature that allows users to book Blue Bird taxi through Go-Jek app. Blue Bird is a transportation service provider from taxis to limousines, car rentals, bus charters, logistics, industry, property, IT, also supporting services and heavy equipments.

Previously, Go-Jek has enabled its users to use Blue Bird service through Go-Car. The difference lies in the fare system. Go-Car fare system is set according to Go-Jek standard while through Go-BlueBird will follow conventional argo system. Both of the service can use Go-Pay credits.

The two company announced their partnership back then in May 2016. The

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Hope for the Best: Startup Predictions for 2017

While it may feel like the end of the year was just yesterday, we are currently in the first quarter of the year. We have witnessed many startups breakthrough back then in 2016.  It is worth noting though that startup have just become lifestyle in Indonesia since five years ago. It is just relatively normal when some perform better while others still have to face several problems.

DailySocial, a media technology focuses on information, opinion, and discovery, has published Indonesian Tech Startup Report 2016. The report consists of a survey to investors that sheds some light about which sectors we should watch and focus in

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Indonesia to Build ‘City of Technology’

Silicon Valley is the home for many technology companies. It inspires many other places around the world to develop its own resources, including Indonesia. Indonesia is currently a home to many startups, even managed to have unicorn level players such as Go-Jek, Tokopedia, and Traveloka.

The government under the reign of President Joko Widodo set its vision of becoming Southeast Asia’s largest digital economy by 2020. The ecosystem needs to develop in order for startups to grow and for the country to reach the goal. Many have suggested that Indonesia is going to be Silicon Valley for Southeast Asia.

The president himself has already visited Silicon Valley in California last year. He also brought along some of CEO and Co-founder of Indonesian startups like Go-Jek, Kaskus, Read More