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Google Launched Go Edition to Target Entry-Level Device Users

Google is taking serious step for the next billion with Go edition/Google

Google has officially launched Go edition for entry-level device users. Entry-level device is a device with small size storage, usually around 512MB to 1GB. Google has done some optimizations to provide entry-level device users a lighter version of the main apps.

“It’s common for entry level devices to have very little storage space available once you account for the size of the OS and the preinstalled apps. This can be frustrating for people who want more space for their music, apps, and photos,” said Sagar Kamdar, Director of Product Management for Android. Go edition is an effort to

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Lite Apps: When Everything Goes Lite

Messenger Lite version/Facebook

Most mobile applications would try to present the best version to match the customer needs. But recently, many big players, such as FacebookLineMessenger, Twitter, and LinkedIn, have started to launch the lite version of the app. Even Google has recently joined the ‘lite’ party.

Lite applications refer to smaller size of initial app, usually less than 10MB. The aim is usually to reach countries with low infrastructures. This will allow users with limited storage and networks to keep using the app, helping the companies to reach new previously-untapped users.

The Lite Timeline

Facebook introduced Facebook Lite two years ago in June 2015. According to Vijay Shankar, Product Manager for Facebook Lite,

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AI vs Human: Google Offers “New Paradigm” for AI and Human

Sundar Pichai, Alphabet CEO, together with several students in UK/ Google

Artificial Intelligence has been the center of attention for many years. The increasing needs, especially from technology company, to mine and analyse big data has driven many companies to develop advanced machine learning. Up until now, companies are developing AI, from software to hardware, products.

Google is one of the companies that develops AI related hardware products. The company has recently unveiled their second generation family of consumer hardware products. The products are including new Pixel phones, Google Home Mini and Max, an all new Pixelbook, Google Clips hands-free camera, Google Pixel Buds, and an updated Daydream View headset. Sundar

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Alibaba’s Jack Ma Accepted E-commerce Adviser Role from Indonesian Government


Jack Ma with Indonesia Delegations in Beijing/ Ministry of Communication and Information Technology

Jack Ma, Founder and Executive Chairman of Alibaba, accepted Indonesian government offer as an adviser for e-commerce in the country. He officially met with Indonesian delegation at the 3rd High Level Economy Dialogue (HLED) in Beijing on August, 22 this year. Minister of Communications and Information Technology Rudiantara and Minister of Coordinating Economic Affairs Darmin Nasution came as Indonesian delegations to meet with Jack Ma.

Rudiantara said in a release that Jack Ma will not come to Indonesia as a businessman from Chinese company. Jack Ma will develop ecosystem for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), people in sub-urban and villages, to

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ANGIN Launched Connector.id to Help Startups, Indonesian SMEs, and Social Enterprises

The Indonesian Angel Investment Network (ANGIN) announced Connector.id for startups and entrepreneurs. Connector.id is a platform that bridges entrepreneurs in needs of funding to the most suitable capital providers. Connector.id aims to provide essential learning materials to help Indonesian entrepreneurs engage with these capital providers.

United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and ANGIN formed partnership to create Connector.id. BEKRAF and Government of Canada also supported the initiatives. The parties involved acknowledge that entrepreneurs need a transparent, efficient, and faster solution to support access relevant capital.

In order to get a suitable result, Connector.id will continuously update the matching algorithm. Upon completion of the online application, Connector.id will indicate the 3 most suitable capital provider category.

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Amazon Entered Southeast Asia by Launching Prime Now Service in Singapore

Amazon Prime’s Trailer/ Amazon

Amazon, global e-commerce giant, announced the launch of Prime Now in Singapore at the end of July this year. The company offers free two-hour delivery on tens of thousands of items from customers’ phones. Prime Now is an exclusive service for members of Amazon Prime. According to Amazon’s release, Prime Now in Singapore will be available to try without a Prime membership for a while.

“Prime Now is powered by Amazon’s more than 20 years of operational and technological excellence and hundreds of Singapore’s talented and skilled associates,” said Aarif Nakhooda, Director of Prime Now Asia-Pacific. He added that the service will allow people to get more time

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Tokopedia Raised $1.1 Billion New Funding Led By Alibaba

William Tanuwidjaya, Tokopedia CEO and Co-founder, delivered his speech in Tokopedia’s 8th Anniversary


Tokopedia, one of the biggest marketplace company in Indonesia, recently announced $1.1 billion new funding round. Alibaba, e-commerce giant from China, leads the funding as the company wants to accelerate expansion in Southeast Asia market. Tokopedia also announced that Alibaba has become minority shareholder and that existing shareholders also participated in the round.

According to Tokopedia’s release, the partnership will enhance the scale and quality of Tokopedia’s offerings to its customers. In addition, this partnership will also make it easier for merchants and partners to do business across the archipelago and beyond.

“We have always thought of Alibaba

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Traveloka Raised $500 Million New Investment and Revealed Expansion Plan

Traveloka announced around $350 million new investment from Expedia, Inc. at the end of July this year. Traveloka, Indonesian flight search engine company, also received $150 million investment from East Ventures, Hillhouse Capital Group, JD.com, and Sequoia Capital within the last year. This new investment is mutual for both Expedia and Traveloka. Expedia, a global online travel agency, wants to deepen their expansion to Southeast Asia market. Meanwhile, Traveloka are working with Expedia to expand services in Asia and beyond.

Ferry Unardi, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Traveloka, said that the partnership will allow Traveloka to access more unique and diverse set of accomodations. “Partnering with the world’s leading online travel company will allow us

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More Data and Analysis with Tirto.id in DigiTalk #11

Zen RS started the discussion in front of the audience

Center for Digital Society (CfDS) held 90° DigiTalk, on Thursday (24/8), in Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (Fisipol), Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM). Zen Rachmat Sugito, Editor-at-large of Tirto.id, came as the speaker and discussed about Tirto.id’s history and developments.

CfDS is the research center established by Fisipol UGM, focusing on the study of contemporary digital society. Digitalk is a program they regularly hold to raise discussion over digital life and technology issues. This time, DigiTalk turn their focus to the new wave of digital journalism. Tirto.id is an online media that creates contents with in-depth analysis and data,

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Ride-hailing Services Competition Heats Up in Southeast Asia with New Investments

Thailand, one of the countries in Southeast Asia/Pexels

Grab, Singapore-based ride hailing platform, announced their new funding last month. DiDi Chuxing and SoftBank Group Corp led the round which gathered around $2 billion. Go-Jek, ride-hailing platform from Indonesia, also received funding led by Tencent, a Chinese based internet giant. The funding round has raised around $1.2 billion in May 2017.

In Indonesia alone, Grab goes against Go-Jek and Uber as the competitors. With Go-Jek new investment, the competition heats up as the company also hinted the plan to expand their service accross Southeast Asia market last year. Uber, despite retreating from China’s market, continues to

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