Danadidik Raises Seed Funding from Singapore Investor

Danadidik Announced Seed Funding from Garden Impact/ SWA


Danadidik, a startup providing loan solutions for students in the form of peer to peer lending announced has received seed funding from Singapore-based investors, Garden Impact Investments Pte Ltd.

The amount of funding is not mentioned. The funding will be used by the Danadidik to scale up their operations, improve service quality, and invest in technology.

Dipo Satria, Co-founder and CEO of Danadidik explained that this investment makes them enthusiastic to help educational disadvantaged in Indonesia.

“With this investment, we are incredibly excited to be able to impact more underprivileged students’ lives. We’d like to invite more local corporations and family offices to get involve to

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Google Will Shut Down Project Tango, A New Chapter of AR Development with ARCore

Google Say Goodbye to Project Tango


Google on Tuesday (16/12) has announced that Project Tango will end on March 1, 2018. Google’s support for Project Tango will end for updates and new features to be embedded.

Around 2014, Google has officially founded Project Tango, a project focused on developing Argument Reality (AR) technology made for mobile devices. And the termination of Google support for the project does not mean the giant stopped working on AR.

Project Tango was developed by Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) division. The idea behind Tango was to put the most advanced computer vision and AR algorithms in mobile devices and enable those devices to “see” the

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Helpster Raises Pre-Series A Funding

Helpster that Matches Employers with People Seeking Temp Job / Helpster


Helpster announced has received A Series funding of US $ 2.5 million (around Rp33.9 billion). This investment was led by Mojo Partners and Wavemaker Partners. This investment announced on Tuesday (12/12) and informed that company’s total funding to US$5 million.

Helpster is a Thai startup that connects companies that need workers with job seekers in sales promotion, food and beverage (F & B), hospitality, and events for both permanent and contract employees. Their service is similar to CornerJob in Europe. This is a new trend called on-demand worker due to the trend of gig economy.

Helpster helps companies get quality workers

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Strengthen Go-Pay, Go-Jek Acquire Three Fintech Startups

Go-Jek Announce Acquisition of Kartuku, Midtrans, and Mapan to Strengthen Go-Pay / Jurnalweb


Go-Jek officially acquired three fintech startups, Kartuku, Midtrans, and Mapan to strengthen Go-Pay expansion in 2018. All three have different business focuses, although both exist in the payment service provider ecosystem.

Not mentioned how much the value of the acquisition. However, joining these three fintech will strengthen Go-Jek’s position as a provider of digital wallet services in Indonesia. These three platforms are considered by Go-Jek has its own specialization in providing payment services both online and offline.

Kartuku, known as the largest offline payment service provider in Indonesia. Midtrans is then known as the largest online payment gateway service provider. And

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Kata Bot Platform: A New Service by Kata.ai

Kata.ai at The Launch Event Interact 2017


Kata.ai, an Indonesian Artificial Intelligence (AI) service provider focusing on creating and integrating chatbot into available conversation service clients introduced its newest service, the Kata Bot Platform at event Interact 2017 last Tuesday (12/12). The platform aims to help developers in startups, SMEs and entreprise in developing chatbots more easily and efficiently. The new Service Bot Platform The presence of this platform, is expected to help businesses more quickly in launching their own chatbot as well as allowing users to design chatbots without the need to learn about infrastructure from zero

With this platform, developers can focus more on building an engaging chat experience

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Google is Expanding Artificial Intelligence Research To China

Google China / Getty Images


Google, decided to open the first artificial intelligence (AI) research center in Asia in Beijing, China. The reason for targeting talented people from the country, although Google is still blocked in the country.

In 2010, Google in the world’s most populous country was lost by local company Baidu. The Chinese government censorship known as the Great Firewall. This term imitates the famous historical legacy of China, Great Wall. Popular Google digital services like Gmail, Google Drive, Play Store and more are inaccessible in China. China’s cyber regulators say the restrictions on foreign media and Internet platforms are designed to withstand the opposite effects of

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Facebook Launched Messenger Kids, New App for Kids 6 to 12

Facebook to launch chat app for kids with parental controls
/ Messenger Kids

Technology is used by all ages, including kids. A market researcher Dubit found that 93 percent of 6- to 12-year-olds have access to tablets or smartphones, and 66 percent of them own smartphones or tablets of their own. Facebook’s new app seems to recognize that. The social media giant Facebook launches a dedicated instant messaging application for kids ages of 6 to 12. Named Messenger Kids, this app is specifically designed with features that are appropriate for children of that age.

“Many of us at Facebook are parents ourselves, and it seems we weren’t alone when we

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Google Launched Go Edition to Target Entry-Level Device Users

Google is taking serious step for the next billion with Go edition/Google

Google has officially launched Go edition for entry-level device users. Entry-level device is a device with small size storage, usually around 512MB to 1GB. Google has done some optimizations to provide entry-level device users a lighter version of the main apps.

“It’s common for entry level devices to have very little storage space available once you account for the size of the OS and the preinstalled apps. This can be frustrating for people who want more space for their music, apps, and photos,” said Sagar Kamdar, Director of Product Management for Android. Go edition is an effort to

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Lite Apps: When Everything Goes Lite

Messenger Lite version/Facebook

Most mobile applications would try to present the best version to match the customer needs. But recently, many big players, such as FacebookLineMessenger, Twitter, and LinkedIn, have started to launch the lite version of the app. Even Google has recently joined the ‘lite’ party.

Lite applications refer to smaller size of initial app, usually less than 10MB. The aim is usually to reach countries with low infrastructures. This will allow users with limited storage and networks to keep using the app, helping the companies to reach new previously-untapped users.

The Lite Timeline

Facebook introduced Facebook Lite two years ago in June 2015. According to Vijay Shankar, Product Manager for Facebook Lite,

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Google Launchpad Accelerator 2018: Kulina is The Only Selected Startup from Indonesia


Google announced Kulina as one of the startups selected to take part the Google Launchpad Accelerator batch program. 5. Kulina was selected as the only startup from Indonesia that will take part the Launchpad Accelerator batch 5 at Google Headquarters in San Francisco. Kulina will join 23 other developers from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Kulina is a startup providing services to make quality food affordable for customers. Kulina’s products are catering and lunch.

Launchpad is a program hosted by Google. For two full weeks, Kulina’s team will spend time in San Francisco to join a program from Google that includes tutoring from Google Engineers and Product Manager, and mentors from other technology companies and

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